Nylon Children – Summer Camp (Out Now!)

Hidden in the shadows for half a decade, the final Nylon Children release sees the light of day. Click here to stream the album, and feel free to check out the press release below for more info on the new project:

“I have a pretty crazy announcement to share this morning! As part of my effort to continually grow and challenge myself as both a creative and as a person, I decided this year would be the year that I finally release Summer Camp, an album I wrote nearly half a decade ago. It’s something I’ve shown to people here or there, but never to a wider audience, as it was mainly written as a coping mechanism after a series of life changing experiences I went through in my personal life. Oddly enough though, I’ve never felt like I could quite let go of those past experiences in their entirety until I overcame my fear and shared Summer Camp with the world. So now’s the time that I do just that.

This comes at a very scary time in my personal life once again, and I feel it’s the most ideal time to release such a project into the wild. It’s also the last project to be released under the Nylon Children moniker. Moving forward, I’ll be producing under a new name, as I feel the current one has served it’s time and no longer captures the same feeling I’m going for in a project title.

Summer Camp will only be available via Bandcamp. You won’t find it on streaming services or anywhere else. Maybe one day that’ll change, but for the time being, wider distribution is out of the question. On the bright side, the album, as well as every prior Nylon Children release will be available for free, with the option to donate if you feel so inclined.

I want to thank everyone who supported the project over the years. It was a fun period in my music journey, but I’m ready to lay this one to rest and explore new sounds in the sonic space.

If you enjoy Summer Camp, or any previous Nylon Children works, feel free to share away! Or get in contact with me and tell me all about your favorite songs, albums, whatever.” -Nylon Children