The Aarcadee Lounge Podcast is now live!

A couple of weeks ago, two of our resident gamer fiends (Aarcadee & Skyomi) launched The Aarcadee Lounge podcast, a biweekly discussion revolving around any and all things video games.

In the month since launch, numerous kind and constructive words have been shared with us, expressing all sorts of support for the podcast and it’s hosts. We want to take this moment to share our gratitude for such a positive response.

In addition to extending our utmost thanks, we also wanted to share some exciting news: The Aarcadee Lounge podcast is now available to enjoy via multiple streaming services (including Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, and more). Now you can take the gaming discussions and attention-deficit rants with you wherever you go!

We hope to bring The Aarcadee Lounge to many more platforms over the coming months, and we’re just as excited to watch this project grow as much as you hopefully are. Feel free to reach out via social media if you’d like to share any feedback or even suggest ideas for future episodes! We’d love to hear your thoughts.