about us.

We believe the power of self-expression is both an underutilized and underappreciated thing in the modern age. In this era of constant communication, we have more opportunity to share our unique perspectives on things than we’ve ever had before. Our vision at atrocious.ink is to put our creators’ voices front and center, while utilizing artistic and journalistic content as a catalyst to do so.

We aren’t “just” a review or art platform. We are a collective of individuals who create, collaborate, and challenge the status quo. We are self-made, self-taught content creators here to share how we view the world. We pride ourselves on prioritizing self-expression when it comes to producing content for atrocious.ink, and we hope you’ll take a moment to explore our little self-made corner of the internet.

Meet the team (of one):

Hey there, my name is aarcadee! I’m the dude responsible for this little slice of internet goodness. Ever since a young age, I’ve always felt a strong urge to express myself and my views on things through creative outlets. From music to art, writing to video production, I’ve experimented with a wide variety of forms to facilitate self-expression. I started atrocious.ink as an idea somewhere in the mid-2000’s when I first decided to sell my art on t-shirts. At the time, I was still young, but I had a strong drive to create something self-made and unapologetically “me”, flaws and all. Years later, atrocious.ink still existed within my brain, but at this point it was more of a way to remind myself to never stop expressing how I felt about things, regardless of the outcome. In 2021, I took the idea of atrocious.ink a step further and started this website as a way to both categorize and share all of the content I create while also attempting to motivate and inspire others to express themselves through creative outlets. For the time being, I may be the sole creator of content here at atrocious.ink, but I hope to that grow that number in no time at all.